How To Change Windows 10 Drive Letter using PowerShell

Sometimes when a new drive is not showing or missing from your Windows 10 device, it could be due to incorrectly assigning letters. In this guide, you will learn how to use PowerShell utility to easily change drive letter on Windows 10.

change drive letter windows 10 powershell

On Windows 10 PC as soon as you connect an external or internal drive, it automatically assigns a drive letter to show the partition of system drive.

A drive letter, or drive letter as it is known, can be any English alphabet, excluding the letter “C”, because it is reserved for the main drive that contains the operating system installation.

By default, letter assignment is handled automatically by Windows 10, but the issue with it is that sometimes Windows 10 assigns a letter already in use, thus preventing the new drive from showing in File Explorer.

If you are facing this issue, or you simply want to change the drive letter just because you want to, Windows 10 has multiple options through which you can accomplish this task. However, PowerShell is the most error-free method to give any drive a new letter.

In the guide below, see the steps to change the drive letter using Windows 10 PowerShell tool.

How To Set A New Drive Letter Using PowerShell on Windows 10

So here is the process to format a drive and get it ready to store data anew. Make sure to follow the steps carefully:

1 – Click Start.

2 – Search Windows PowerShell, right-click and select Run as administrator.

3 – Type the following command in the PowerShell and hit enter:


4 – Now type the command below to assign or change the drive letter (internal or external drive) and hit enter:

Get-Partition -DiskNumber 1 | Set-Partition -NewDriveLetter G

Note: In the above command, make sure to change with the disk number you want for format, and change with the letter you want to set as the storage drive.

5 – That’s it.

Once you have finished the process, new drive letter will be assigned to the desired drive, and if it was not showing before, the hard drive will now start appearing in File Explorer. Share your feedback in comments below.


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