How To Run Android Apps on Chrome Browser in Windows

See how you can run Android apps on Chrome browser in Windows PC desktop, laptop or Surface pro tablets. In this guide we are going to show you how you can enable and run Android apps on PC Chrome browser running on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP operating system. Android is the biggest digital apps and games platform in the world. It has more apps and games than iOS, Windows and other operating systems. Now it is possible to run Android apps on Chrome browser for Windows using ARC Welder tool. Here you will learn how to use ARC Welder Tool on PC Windows to play Android apps and games on Chrome browser in Windows.

Sometime we all want to change a thing or two on our preferred OS, such as playing apps and games of another platform on your PC Windows device. Most people was fooled by the belief that the Chrome Browser can run Android apps on Windows directly since Chrome is Google’s own browser and Android is Google’s mobile OS. However, this is not true. You need a third-party tool named ARC Welder tool on Windows PC to be able to run Android apps and games on Chrome for Windows.

Sometime back Google announced that soon it will make it possible for Windows users to run certain Android apps and games on PC via Chrome web browser, that they will be adding a limited support for Android apps on Chrome with ‘App Runtime for Chrome’ which is based on a Dalvik VM. Google followed it by releasing a new tool called ARC Welder Tool that allows Android developers to port and run Android apps on the Chrome browser for Windows before releasing public version directly on Chrome browser for users to simple download and start playing Android apps on Chrome browser.

Run Android Apps/Games on Chrome Browser for PC Windows 7/10/8/8.1

In order to run and play Android apps and games on Chrome browser for PC Windows, you will first need to download ARC Welder tool for Chrome and install it. After installing, launch the ARC Welder tool and choose a PC location for the tool to install some important setup files. Once the setup files are installed, you can start downloading Android Apps/Games APK on PC via Chrome Browser to run Android apps on Windows PC.


When the ARC Welder tool has finished loading the APK file for the Android app or game, it will display some options on the screen, including landscape or portrait orientation, tablet, maximized or phone form factor and the Clipboard Access option. Now download any Android Android app APK to test it on ARC Welder tool for Chrome browser on Windows PC.

Click on the ‘Download ZIP’ button on ARC Welder tool box to download the APK file of your Android app/game and after the download click the ‘Launch app’ button to start playing the app on Chrome browser.

You can find downloaded ARC Welder tool after installation by simply clicking on the download link that we provided above, and then click on the ‘Launch app’ to run it on chrome. After installation you can also access ARC Welder tool from Chrome Extensions page, for easy access in future create a desktop shortcut.

Wrap Up

ARC Welder tool is originally designed to facilitate Android developers and users who want to test Android apps on the Chrome browser for Windows. Don’t expect it to run every Android app or game but with future update we are hopeful that the support for more and more Android apps/games in all categories will be added to the ARC Welder for Chrome in Windows.

So have you been convinced to give ARC Welder tool for Windows Chrome Browser a shot? Let us know in comments section and also share your experience with ARC Welder.

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