How To Customize Folders With Different Colors On Windows 10.

Windows 10 has improved already great customization features that make Windows OS popular the world over. Windows OS has always been famous for allowing users endless possibilities to customize their device just the way they like. You will find plenty of software compatible with Windows that work to help users customize Windows OS experience. Folders are an essential part of Windows, they help us keep things organized in an orderly manner. You can keep files and sub-folders separately for easy identification and accessing different files. You can customize folders to make it easier for you to identify files placed in different folders. Out of all the ways available for customizing folders, changing colors for different colors is the most fun and easy way of separating folders containing different file types. Setting different colors for folders makes it easy for you to identify and access them if you have too many folders on your Windows device. It makes it easier to recognize folders with different colors than having to look for them using names.

customize folders with differnet colors on windows 10

If you happen to have too many files saved in a large number of folders on a Windows device, giving each folder a different color makes it easier to identify and access different folder types. We don’t use all folders daily. By giving most used folders different colors makes it faster to identify and access them as compared to looking for them via folder name on a long list of folders. Although, you can use keyboard shortcut to folders for quickly opening them, or create folder shortcuts on desktop. But what if your work involves using too many folders at a time, in such cases having folders with different colors makes it easier to differentiate among many folders.

You can customize folders with different colors in Windows 10. There is a helpful feature that allows you to assign different colors to folders in Windows 10. See the instructions below to learn how to customize folders with different colors on Windows 10.

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Customize Folder With Different Colors On Windows 10

In order to get customize folders with different colors in Windows 10, download Folder Colorizer app from this link. Download, run the installer file and follow on-screen setup instructions to install this useful utility on your Windows 10 device. If you like you can skip installation of any associated third-party apps during Folder Colorizer setup, simple uncheck any box that asks for installing third-party apps in the setup wizard, otherwise keep the optioned checked if you wish to install third-party tools along with the main utility.

Once the installation is complete, activate the tool by registering with your email. Don’t worry, it’s completely free to use.

After completing the installation and activation process, right-click on any folder to on your Windows PC and move the mouse cursor on to the desired color and select it to set it as the main folder color.

If you are prompted to enter your email to activate the tool, do so. You can use any email address as there is no email confirmation requirement. When the Foloder Colorizer activation process is complete, you can start customizing folders with different colors in Windows 10 computer, laptop or tablet.

Apply Folder Colors

Once the tool is activated, go to the location where the folder that you wish to color is located. Right-click and select the Colorize option from the context menu. You can choose from eight different folder color options. Simply, click on your preferred color, right-click and refresh to implement color change.

Create Your Own Colors

By default, Folder Colorizer comes with eight colors, but you can create and add your own colors in the tool to be used as folder colors.

For that, right-click on the any folder, select Colorize option from the context menu, and select Colors… option.

You can now create your own color schemes and add them to Colorizer. Use slider at the bottom to get the perfect color scheme. Once done, close the color customizer, right-click on any folder and select newly create custom color for your Windows folder.

Restore Original Color

If you want to revert back to the traditional Windows folder color, right-click on colored folder, select Colorize option from the contextual menu and select Restore Original color option.

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