Top 5 Windows 10 Apps

We try to keep you guys posted with all the latest information about everything related to Windows 10 on this website. As you know that Windows 10 is the latest and greatest OS from Microsoft, which has been a massive success worldwide with the install count reaching over 200 million users in just six months since its launch. One of the first things many people do after installing a new OS is to look for applications that help them perform daily tasks efficiently.

In order to streamline user experience Microsoft has same apps on app store for all its devices, so that users can access apps without any distortion on Windows tablets, phones, Xbox, PCs and laptops. It also makes the work of developers a lot easier by affording them an opportunity to develop a single app for all Microsoft’s Windows 10 enables devices. After carefully sifting Windows app store, we have come up with following apps list that shoot up productivity. You will surely like these Windows 10 apps. So, let’s get started.

1 –  Microsoft Word

It goes without saying that one of the main reasons many opt to go with Windows platform on PCs and laptops is it’s Office suite. Copycats of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, OneNote are rife in the market but not many have been able to match superior offering of Microsoft Office suite which keeps getting improved every year. Creating, editing and sharing documents across many devices is easy with Microsoft Office. You can start typing Word document on PC and can access it from where you left off from Windows tablet or Windows 10 Smartphone. Specially mobile version of Word on Windows 10 devices has most complete set of features that are not available on Word for phones and tablets of other companies.

With cloud syncing you no longer have to worry about losing important work again. You can download both mobile and PC versions of Word from Windows 10 app store, also try latest Office365 online companion of Microsoft Office suite.

2 – Microsoft OneNote

If note taking is your thing then there are not many better options currently available than OneNote except perhaps Evernote but with former you can save the work simultaneously across all Microsoft Windows 10 devices. OneNote is the latest entry into acclaimed Office suite and is fast becoming widely accepted. It is not any simple note taking tool, apart from text notes you can create both audio and video notes. It is designed for both touchscreen devices and PCs. Mobile version of the app lacks some features of its desktop counterpart making desktop version the one to go with a better option.

3 – Twitter Moments

In the age of social networking everyone wants to get the best possible interaction experience and easy of discovering new things daily. Twitter Moment is one such app that is a treat for all the fans of Twitter micro-blogging social network. Launched for Windows 10 PC just last month Twitter Moments allows you to see all trending stories from across the globe on one desktop screen so that you can find out about all the latest happening and express view regarding different issues. It is also a good tool to gauge the prevail sentiments on Twitter sphere about what people are talking about at present. Surf for videos, images, conversations and all the news. Twitter Moments shows customized feeds based on user’s past history of searches and preferences to give a more personalized experience.

4 – Uber

Uber is by far the best cab booking app in the world whose services are unrivaled as of yet. Developers have finally designed a fully functioning Uber app for Windows 10 devices, especially the desktop version of Windows 10 app is a must have for all. It makes booking cabs just a few clicks away. Point on the map where you want cap to arrive and it will be there in minutes to get you. Uber is renowned for its fast and superior service, so you don’t have to wait long for the cab to come and pick you. Uber app also displays estimated arrival and journey time. You can monitor the current location of your cab on the map at all times. Moreover, on Windows 10 now you can use latest Cortana feature to order Uber caps directly from there, speak via PC microphone to order Uber cap.

5 – Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft reply to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. It is being largely hailed as the best voice search assistant, in some respect it leaves both Siri and Google Now in its tracks. Microsoft has released a standalone Cortana app for both Android and iOS platforms as well but if you want to experience the best Cortana features then Microsoft Cortana is the one for you.

Cortana comes built-in with your copy of new Windows 10 OS. It is located in the search box on the Tool bar at the bottom of the desktops screen. Click on the search box and speak instructions. Initially it will ask you to set location and other preferences to better cater to your queries in future. Cortana also uses you search history to customize future search result according to what you like. You can search files and folders on PC, access any Windows 10 option by just typing or speaking its name. Similarly, search information over the internet using Cortana type or audio search features.

Cortana can understand any accent, a key feature many other voice recognition programs often fail in this aspect. With Cortana voice activation option you can set your voice as the main audio to unlock many secret folders and files, thus ensuring unauthorized person can access them using voice command.

You can download all the above mentioned apps from Microsoft Windows Store. Change Store location to your country for localized apps.

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