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Cloud Storage is rapidly turning into a necessity in today’s internet connected world. As the amount of information available over the internet is increasing exponentially with the corresponding rise in demand for it, saving all that data on physical drives as well as keeping them with you at all times is no longer a practical possibility. Physical storage devices are always prone to theft, data loss due to device breakage or simply misplacement of device just in the time of need. With cloud storage you can easily access all important files and information on any device and anywhere, there is no need to worry about losing data anymore because it gets immediately saved on service provider’s cloud servers.

In this post we will review new and upcoming cloud storage services that provide an effective alternative to Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and other popular cloud storage options, see our review of top 5 cloud services. You can setup account on every service for accumulating a large free storage space across all services. Let’s take a look at some of the best new cloud storage services that are gaining in popularity ever so increasingly.



MediaFire was around even before cloud services became mainstream, it started its services back in 2005 as file sharing platform. It is now offering users cloud storage services as well. Basic functionality of MediaFire is reminiscent to that of most cloud storage services; you get to create, save, upload and download files like in other cloud services. Both PC and mobile client of the service are available for download from its website. On mobile devices, when you download Android or iOS app and create account to link it with picture app, it automatically saves pictures on cloud servers for you to access them on any device afterwards.

On PC download Windows 10 app from Windows Store or MediaFire website, after that it creates a folder on hard drive where all your files and photos are saved. It is simple to use, just drag files into the folder and they are saved on cloud servers. Almost all file formats are supported by MediaFire. In PC client of the service there is an in-built browser using which you can directly save videos and songs without having to download them first on PC. Take screenshots and share them instantly with other using MediaFire cloud service provided they also have MediaFire accounts. Social Media integration allows to share pictures and files directly on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other services.

If you haven’t signed-up for MediaFire cloud service then do it today to get free 10 GB storage for files and folders. You can expand free storage limit to 50 GB by recommending the service to friends and family. There are basic and pro account options available for you to pick from; Basic account is free with file size limit of 200MB and ads, while Pro account is $4.99/month which gives 1TB storage space and 20GB files size limit with no ads.



pCloud belongs in the category of those cloud service providers that provide comprehensive services. Store your files and information in pCloud folders created on your PC after the installation. There are no enforced file size constraints meaning you can save files of any size as long as storage space is available. Data transfers is save and syncing is efficient. With file versioning feature you can restore most recent working file version if the current one stops working properly for some reason. Basic free account users can recover files used no more than 30 days back and Paid users can restore latest working version last stored within 180 days.

Sharing data is one of the main features of pCloud. You have the authority to decide who can access & edit files and who can just read them within your pCloud folder. Sharing has been made quicker with Upload Link feature in which you create a unique link and send it to a friends who wants to send you files, once the person gets the code he/she can save documents directly on your pCloud folder, thus saving you the time which would otherwise have been wasted on first opening email, downloading the file and then saving it manually.

One feature that differentiates pCloud from others is its Crypto Folder function. Crypto Folder is based on 256-bit AES having encryption key build with 4096-bit RSA technology, which makes it extremely save and secure for file storage. Secure important files & data that you don’t want anyone other than yourself to access, keep intruders away from getting hands on personal and confidential information with Crypto Folder. Files are not automatically saved in Crypto Folder, you decide which file to protect by dragging it in the folder. For getting Crypto Folder feature you would need to pay extra $3.99 money per month with 14-day free trial period.

pCloud gives 10GB free storage for first time users, which you can then increase to up to 20 GB by bringing friends to the service (1GB for each person), get 3GB free storage for watching tutorial and clicking on social media links. Pay $3.99 for 500 GB package and $7.99 for 1TB package, add $3.99 for Crypto Folder feature.



Mozy cloud storage is simple to use service layered with bland interface. It can said that Mozy needs a bit of a work on it to come at par with other cloud service rivals in terms of aesthetics. However, services being offering by Mozy don’t lack in quality by any means. Install desktop client of the service on Windows 10 PC and select the download folder for automatically saving and syncing files. Your documents are saved across multiple devices for accessing them from anywhere such as store a file on PC and access the same file from smartphone if you have Mozy app installed on it.

Drag and drop files and folders into the Mozy download drive to save them over clouds. Files are protected on Mozy with 256-bit AES and 448-bit Blowfish key, making it hard to hackers and spammers to gain entry into the protected files. All files are encrypted on the PC, so when you upload or download them over the internet, no one can track or hack it. File versioning is available, deleted or updated files are stored on Mozy cloud servers for up to 30 days so if current file version malfunctions there is a possibility of recovering last working version within that period. You can also download saved data on a new PC from the previous one but free version supports only one new device, however, you can save latest data save on Mozy servers on up to 3 computers for $9.99 per month with 125 GB storage space. Meanwhile, you can access files stored in Mozy from its webpage anywhere and all the times.

Sign-up for Mozy free service and get 2GB free space, which is relatively low compared to the free space being offered by other cloud services. There are $7.99 and $9.99 packages as well with added features and increased storage space.




Tresorit is among the few cloud service providers having clients for every digital platform. It is ranked among the best cloud services in terms of security and control over files & documents. You won’t see any signs of scrimping by Tresorit team in user-interface department; every minute aspect of the Tresorit PC client & mobile apps’ design has been meticulously crafted. Just drag file from its location on PC to Tresorit folder, which will automatically sync that file on cloud servers to make it available for access from any other device with Tresorit app on it.

Tresorit prides itself in document security department. This app is best for storing all kinds of sensitive data. State of the art encryption technology is used to coat every packet of data with added layers of complex codes. All your documents are encrypted on PC and continue to be in encrypted state even on Tresorit servers. Only you are allowed to see encryption key, in case of theft or intrusion two-step authentication protects data & documents from falling in wrong hands. If someone tries to access Tresorit documents while you are away, immediately a mobile notification is sent to you signalling that an attempt is being made to open protected files. Versioning and control options authorize you to select who can view and edit document and to what extent.

One downside of Tresoris is the limited amount of free space that you receive at the time of signing up for the cloud service; 3GB free storage for Basic users. Also you are upgraded to 60 days trial Premium version that offers 100GB storage space and costs $10 per month, you can choose to return to Basic version later but only after the end of Trial period of Premium version.

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