Chinese Electronic Maker Alcatel OneTouch Set to Launch First Ever Windows 10 Phone

Ever since the resurgence of digital era spurred by smartphones and other portable consumer gadgets, we all know Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas springs a few surprises every year. But none could guess that mid-size electronic maker from China Alcatel OneTouch would opt to enter the smartphone market with its new phone Fierce XL loaded with Windows 10 mobile OS. For those who don’t know about Alcatel, it is relatively unknown electronic company owned by world’s fifth largest budget television set maker Chinese firm TCL. Windows 10 has a meager 2.6% smartphone market, which makes one wonder why would a company decide to go with the mobile OS not much in demand. Well, to answer this Alcatel’s North America VP at CES said “We’re going to have the leading specs to take on the best smartphones”, before adding further that the company is “committed to Windows 10”.

One thing is clear from the company’s intentions that they want to hedge their bets on superior hardware and software is just an afterthought, hence, Windows 10 as the choice of OS. Fierce XL is a budget phone priced at $140. Device will be the first of many Windows 10 mobile OS enabled phones that the company has in-line for launch in the near future. Rumors are circulating that Alcatel OneTouch is planning to take on Apple, Samsung and other industry leading smartphone makers with its own Superphone soon.

It is worth reminding is that Microsoft’s own Windows 10 flagship smartphones Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have not been successful in capturing the imaginations of both users and critics. Lumia Windows 10 OS series phones are struggling to compete in the smartphone market. iOS and Android still hold a whooping 93% of the phone business at the moment. Alcatel OneTouch is known for producing budget electronic devices, they may not be too flashy in appearance by cater to serve customers in low to mid price ranges.

Windows 10 offers seamless experience because of easy app integration and optimization across multiple devices running on same Windows OS. Maybe that’s the reason which convinced Alcatel OneTouch to have Windows 10 as its preferred choice of OS on its phones. Although the company has not given a date of launch but it’s safe to assume that phones will be in the market later this year.

Source: Cnet

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