Flappy Golf 2 for PC Windows & MAC – Free Download

Play gold in a new way in Flappy Golf 2 sequel of a hit golf game by Noodlecake Studios Inc. In this new version you can play famous Race mode either online or offline with friends. Packed with new levels, characters, golf equipment and objectives, Flappy Golf 2 will make you fall in love with the game of golf. Initially designed to run on Android and iOS devices, download Flappy Golf 2 for Android or iOS for free from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. But now you can also download and install Flappy Golf 2 for PC on any desktop/laptop running on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, XP/Vista and Mac OS X / macOS Sierra or the Surface Pro tablet. See the installation guide below to learn how to setup Flappy Golf 2 on PC desktop / laptop using best Android and iOS emulator tools. You can play both Android and iOS versions on PC, keep on reading to know how.


How To Play Flappy Golf 2:

Gameplay is simple, hit the golf ball with just the right speed and direction that it lands on the perfect location. It sounds easy but mastering it is anything but. Factor in weather and wind condition before hitting the ball because they impact the trajectory of the ball in the air in Flappy Golf 2 for PC Windows & MAC. You will love the game on larger PC desktop/laptop screen compared to smaller mobile displays.

If you manage to hit the ball straight down in the hole, be ready to collect massive bonuses and boosts including coins and money for unlocking powerful irons, golf balls of different colors and skills such as shot accuracy, power, direction and putting. On every hole, you get the chance to win golden, silver and bronze stars. If you manage to complete the hole using fewer shots than other, you win the gold star which you can later cash in for upgrading tools and items in Flappy Golf 2 for PC.

You gold balls have wings, they fly only if you manage to land them in places where it is easier for them to fly again. Difficulty levels increase with every hole you play. Play over 20 exciting levels. Try to finish the hold in least number of moves to set record and unlock powerups.


Download and Install Flappy Golf 2 for PC Windows & MAC – BlueStacks:

1 – Download Flappy Golf 2 APK here and save it on PC.

2 – Download BlueStacks App player for PC (updated version with online installer). For playing Android apps without internet connection on PC, download BlueStacks offline player (updated version). To play rooted Android apps on PC download rooted BlueStacks.

3 – Install BlueStacks on computer if you haven’t already, see help guide in above links.

4 – Click on the downloaded APK file to install the game on BlueStacks for PC.

5 – Alternatively, login on BlueStacks with Google Play Store ID. Next, find the game and install it from BlueStacks Google Play Store.

6 – Wait for the installation to finish.

7 – Back on BlueStacks main screen, tap/click on the game icon and start playing.

8 – That’s all.

For playing Flappy Golf 2 iOS app on PC, see the guide below.

Download and Install Flappy Golf 2 for PC Windows and MAC:

1- Download iPadian from links below:

iPadian for WindowsLink | Link 2 | Link (32bit)

iPadian for MacLink | Mirror

2 – Install iPadian on PC and launch it. Login with Apple App Store ID when asked.

3 – Click on the App Store icon on iPadian.

4 – Now click on the search box and type in app’s name.

5 – Install the app if its available on iPadian app store.

6 – Wait for the installation to complete.

7 – Go back to the iPadian home screen and click/tap on the game icon to set it up on PC.

8 – That’s all.

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