Top military games for pc in 2021 that players will love.

Military games are replete with new projects coming out every year. There are many games out there that would be of interest to many players and online communities. There are many military PC games. But which games are worth your time? This question is difficult to answer since war is a kind of standard in the world of computer games.

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– Insurgency

Insurgency is a team-based tactical first-person shooter based on deadly confined space combat and goal-oriented multiplayer gameplay.

Players are divided into two teams of 16 and fight each other in a realistic setting using a variety of weapons and military equipment. In this part, the developers have improved all aspects; thanks to this, the project is now on a new level. Players can enjoy the atmosphere of modern combat, overall full customization, and character customization. In this multiplayer and cooperative game, you will fight in bloody battles, where the survival of your team depends on controlling important points and destroying enemy ammunition.

Top Military games for PC


– ARMA 3


It is a new tactical military simulation game from the independent Bohemia Interactive Studio. This game does not have a huge number of action scenes, constant explosions, shootings, as in other military projects. This shows what war really is. First, players can practice in single missions with bots, then participate in various cooperative tasks.

Then your trained squad can take part in realistic multiplayer battles. Fans of full simulation can come up with new missions. ARMA 3 has kept the best of the previous games in the series and added a lot of innovations. The new physics engine will allow the player to control combat actions with unprecedented realism. In ARMA 3, you will find new models of equipment and a wide range of weapons. The new series has the long-awaited opportunity to swim underwater.


– Rising Storm 2: Vietnam


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a multiplayer first-person shooter about the Vietnam War. Players can enjoy massive battles between American and Vietnamese troops. Rising Storm 2 has large realistic locations and a lot of authentic weapons.

There are two teams representing the two sides of the conflict in the war. The game takes place during the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1975. Rising Storm 2 offers a choice of six parties for the game, where you will find a variety of vehicles and weapons. One of the main features of the game is realism. Rising Storm 2 implements a high level of the historical accuracy of events. Weapon handling is very realistic; the most popular is the destruction mode.


– PlanetSide 2


PlanetSide 2 is a game where you can take part in a large-scale planetary war. Thousands of players fight as a united front on vast continents. You can use infantry, air and land transport, and in addition, teamwork to defeat enemies. PlanetSide 2 is a revolutionary and massive first-person shooter.

Epic battles with over a thousand players at the same time await you on a huge game map. PlanetSide 2 is a unique game with large-scale and interesting battles. The military game is very dynamic, with different classes worked out, and it is interesting to ride on vehicles. There are no sessions or movement restrictions in PlanetSide 2 – except for enemy players wanting to kill you.


-World of Warships

It is a game with three main types of weapons: naval guns, torpedoes, and carrier-based aircraft. The gameplay is based on team play. Team players can form squads before or during the battle. Teams fight against other players or against bots. In this military game, you will find many possibilities.

You will be able to enjoy a collection of over 200 legendary ships from various maritime powers with national characteristics. Start researching their strengths and weaknesses and use them in battle. Use the best tactics on over 30 different maps. World of Warships is a team game; your goal is to help your allies and request support when needed.

The atmosphere of military action is perfectly conveyed thanks to the excellent graphics. Enjoy attacks or open confrontations, duel battles, and massive clashes. The choice of strategy is always up to the player. Every second in this military game gives you the opportunity to influence the outcome of the battle. A collection of over 200 legendary ships from various maritime powers with national characteristics awaits you. Enjoy versatile gameplay and tactical variety with your friends. 


– Squad


This is a multiplayer first-person shooter. In Squad, teamwork, communication, and tactics are key to creating authentic combat action. The developers have created realistic conflicts with a low entry threshold and fairly intense gameplay.

You can take part in exciting large-scale battles with up to 100 players. Control military equipment, determine the strategy of your team, build fortifications or make tactical decisions for an attack. This project offers an incomparable gaming experience.

Real-time military games thrive on PC. They allow you to connect to multiple players around the world or fight alone with opponents. Enjoy the best military strategy games in 2021. So, you have five top strategy games to fill your time.


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