Top 5 Best VPN Services for PC Windows 10

In modern digital age main concern has moved to privacy as hacking and excessively intrusive governmental data collection policies across the world have made personal user information more vulnerable to cyber attack or bullying akin to intruding in personal space. This is where having a quality VPN (Virtual Private Network) installed on PCs has become indispensable. VPN software/apps protect your personal data saved on computers connected to home, office or public networks and block any hacking attempt. In Windows 10 most of your stuff is linked with each other; emails, schedules, photos, personal files and much more are automatically updated across various apps which also leave the data exposed to hacking. With VPN all your data is transferred and moves over the internet in encrypted packets of data making it virtually impossible for anyone trying to steal it to crack the code. Microsoft has been criticized for getting uncomfortable amount of user data on the pretense of R&D and better service quality in future, similarly many apps these days get access to lot more saved on PCs than many would want them to, this is why it’s important to have reliable VPN service installed on PC Windows 10. You would find plenty of VPNs on the internet claiming to be the best in the business but not all can be trusted to provide full protection, this is why we tried many services and assembled a list of top 5 best VPN software packages for you in order to save you time in searching for the VPN proxy yourself.

One other advantage of VPN apps are that they let you circumvent censorship to access websites and apps blocked in your country without anyone’s notice. Internet Browsers also collect large data related to your online activities to sell it for profit to advertising companies, VPN also makes it difficult to track your internet activities, hence, protecting your data and online surfing habits from getting into someone else’s hands.

1 – Nord VPN

Nord VPN service prides itself on enhanced user safety and fast servers. It offers users complete control over customization features of the software. Options are clearly laid out on the screen and are easy to navigate that makes everyday use simpler for most users. With Nord VPN you can check bank accounts details and transfer funds even when connected to a public network without worrying about data breach. Double VPN technology ensures that each data packet is encrypted twice. 511 worldwide servers enable accessing surfing the internet safely from any country at high speed. There is no danger of DNS leaks with Nord VPN. Choose price and data plan according to your preferences. [Download NordVPN]

2 – Express VPN

For Windows 10 users Express VPN is the best option, although it’s subscription is a bit more expansive than most others but you will get your money’s worth with this one that’s for sure. Get around censorship in your country to access blocked websites and apps on PCs and laptops with Express VPN. Speed and customer service is what distinguishes Express VPN from competitors’ offerings. Express VPN boasts SSL secured 256-bit encryption technology making it impossible for hackers to get into your data on any network. Watch HD movies at super fast speed. Its servers are spread all across the world and doesn’t put strain on PCs hardware. [Download Express VPN]

3 – Private Internet Access

Advantage of PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN services is that you can connect up to five devices at a time with it. Both P2P and VoIP support is available, so you can not only access internet safely but also download torrents at high speed. Upon subscribing for PIA you get gift cards that can be redeemed at major multinational retail chains all over the world such as Starbucks, Walmart and Target to name the few. With PIA’s anonymous tunnels you can be sure of data safety. Customer service is always available to address your problems. [Download Private Internet Access]

4 – IPVanish VPN

IPNVanish VPN is one of the most critically acclaimed VPN apps around. It runs seamlessly in the background of your Windows 10 PC without putting extra strain on system resources. Fast, reliable and safe, IPNVanish VPN is one of the most complete packages you could find. With this one you can stop fretting about cyber attacks or unsecured WiFi hotspots compromising private or business data over the internet. It has servers spread all across the globe with 40.000+ IPs, 40 servers in 60 countries, so fast access in any country in not an issue. [Download IPVanish VPN]

5 – Hide My Ass

With Hide My Ass VPN service now accessing blocked websites and apps is just a few clicks. If YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites are blocked in your country then with this VPN app you can access them at faster speeds. All your personal and work related information travels on the internet safely. It supports PP2P, L2TP, OpenVPN protocols. Over 800 VPN servers littered across 300 locations worldwide are there to guarantee that there is no way censorship or hacking can get to your previous information travelling both on private and public networks. [Download Hide My Ass]

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