How to Enable Windows 10 Near Share For Easy & Fast File Transfer

Windows 10 now includes a new feature aimed at making file transfer quick and easy on any computer. The Near Share is a part of the Windows 10 ecosystem starting from the version 1803 and here is how you can enable it on any desktop and laptop. So if you want to get easy file transfer on your Windows 10 PC then follow the guide below.

enable near share on windows 10 computer

Microsoft is offering a new Near Share feature on Windows 10 that allows you to share any type of file to nearby devices over WiFi or Bluetooth. It is designed to make wireless transfer convenient for anyone. In addition to audio, video, documents, texts and other Windows files you can also use Windows 10 Near Share to send and receive web link directly on PC and laptop. There is no need to carry around a separate USB drive, external hard drive or other storage devices just to transfer files and link to nearby devices.

Near Share on Windows 10 is similar to Apple’s AirDrop in the way it works. This feature will be really useful in office settings for those who need to quickly send a report or piece of work to your boss, or if you are using a tablet and want to send a file or link to someone sitting in close proximity. Near Share for Windows 10 offers a convenient way to transfer file without having to send links and documents via email attachments, cloud service, or setting up file sharing.

In this guide, you are going to learn how to enable and use Near Share feature on Windows 10 in version 1803 onward.

How To Enable Near Share Feature Using Windows 10 Settings

1- Go to Settings.

2 – Click on System.

3 – Click on Share Experience.

4 – Turn the Near Share toggle switch to ON position.

5 – All done.

Once you have enabled this feature on Microsoft Edge, Photos, File Explorer, and other apps and click on the Share button in them, you will see a new option with a list of devices configured to receive files via Near Share feature wirelessly.

When the content is shared, the recipient will see a notification asking whether they want the transfer to go through or not. By default all transfers made through Near Share feature end up in the Download folder, but you can choose Save files i receive to option to it to your preferred location.

Near Share works to share files with every device, but by using the I can share or receive content from drop-down menu, you can set file sharing only for your own devices.

How to Enable Windows 10 Near Share from Action Center

In Windows 10, you can quick turn Near Share feature ON and OFF from the control center.

1 – Open Action Center by clicking on a small banner icon on the bottom right corner of taskbar of by pressing (Windows Key + A) keyboard shortcut.

2 – Here click the Near Share button.

3 – All done.

You can start sharing files and folders to and from other devices. Only requirement for this to work is that both devices must be running on Windows 10 build 17035 or later version.

If you cannot see the Near Share option, this means your device is not running on the latest beta update of Windows 10. This feature will be a part of the public release of the Redstone 4 update Windows 10 version 1803 in 2018 for everyone to use.


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