Windows 10 Insider Build 14342 for PC

Microsoft is rolling out latest Windows 10 Build 14342 which contains changes expected in the Windows 10 anniversary update this summer. New Windows 10 Insider Build 14342 has been released for both Slow and Fast ring computers. This update includes number of improvements in existing Windows 10 functions and some minor new features, although there are no drastic changes being brought in but some minor adjustments are expected to help enhance user productivity and convenience when using Windows for PC. Some or all of the changes introduced in this Preview Build are likely to feature in the official public release of Windows 10 anniversary update. New users can register with Microsoft’s Slow or Fast Ring Insider program to be able to install the Preview build on Windows 10 PC/laptops.

Windows 10 Insider Build 14342 for slow and fast ring computers has some new features such as swipe gestures and real-time notifications, you can also install extension from the Store after installing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14342. Feedback Hub and Skype UWP apps have been updated with bug fixes and performance improvements. Some icon and layout changes have been made to the User Account Control dialog box, Windows Ink and settings apps.

Windows 10 Preview Build 14342 is available for desktops & laptops users. Mobile users will have to wait for the release of Windows 10 Mobile version of the build.

Windows 10 Insider Build 14342:

Below are the main changes that you will see in the latest Preview Build 14342.

Desktop Changes

After installing Build 14342, you will see a new icon on the taskbar for Windows Ink Workspace, which pretty much resembles icons in Windows notification center.

User Account Control has a new dialog box with its Windows header color changed to Blue from yellow. When you shift to Windows 10 dark theme, User Account Control dialog box automatically acquires dark theme color patterns.

Microsoft Edge

Improvements in Microsoft Edge functionality can be termed as the most significant in latest Insider Preview Build 14342, which includes ability for users on Fast Ring to directly install extensions from the Store. Now there is no need to manually download, unpack and install extensions. You can see new extensions added in the ‘Recently Added’ section of the Start Menu. There is complete list of available extensions on Microsoft Edge Website.

You can check out how to easily repair Microsoft Edge browser in case if it has encountered some unexpected problems.

In the latest Build, just like apps, you can now allow permission to websites to send real-time notifications directly on to the notification center. With new swipe gesture feature switching webpages has become easier in the Edge browser. Swipe feature works on touchscreen enabled Windows 10 PCs. Bug in Edge browser update KB3158988, in which Microsoft Edge wouldn’t close if users closed all extensions without uninstalling them first, has been resolved.

Ubuntu Bash

Users can now install Bash on the PCs with non-Latin usernames. More changes in Bash on Ubuntu include debugged symlinks to make them work on Windows directories. On Microsoft’s Developer Network website, you can view detailed list of changes.


Cortana search function has been improved enabling users to specify the search type for more accurate search results. After installing Windows 10 Build 14342, when you open Cortana, you will see a row of buttons at the bottom of the Cortana screen that previously was at the top of the Cortana search box. Option to open Cortana from the lock screen has also been reanimated with pleasant new style.

See here what else you can do with Cortana search engine on Windows 10.

Using these search button, you can narrow down broad searches into a narrow spectrum for faster, better, accurate and personalized search results.

Settings App

In Windows 10 Build 14342, you will notice icon changes for pages along with rearrangement of some settings pages to make it faster and easier to find settings options. Further changes in the settings options are as follows:

Network & Internet

When you go to system > network & internet > status, you will see refreshed interface containing new icons in Build 14342. ‘Troubleshoot a network connection’ and ‘perform a network speed test’ buttons have been removed in the latest build.

There is a new ‘Network Reset’ option in Network Settings in Windows 10 build 14342. Basically what this new link does is that it authorized users to delete and reinstall all network adapters to revert settings to the original state in case of errors.

In system > network & internet > WiFi, Wifi Sense feature has been removed by Microsoft, you can no longer share wireless license with your contacts for security reasons. However, you can keep on sharing Wifi hotspot connectivity under Wifi Sense.


Open settings > system in Build 14342 where new option ‘Associate Apps with Websites’ is added, which allows users to open sites such as Facebook, Vine, Instagram and others in apps instead of directing them to the web browser. Set apps which you want to open within their native apps rather than web page format on internet browser.

Although apps are not supporting this new feature on Windows 10 PCs yet, but future updates by Microsoft will bring in app compatibility with this new function. Furthermore, location of ‘Default Apps’ settings option has been shifted to the top of the system settings window.


Microsoft has added new settings option labeled ‘Set up an account for taking test’ that enables teachers to conduct tests in an exam environment for students.

Skype UWP Preview App

You can now set a dark them in the Skype Universal Windows Preview app in Windows 10 Preview Build 14342 with the added feature of switching between skype accounts with single click to carry out multiple conversation at a time.

Feedback App

Microsoft want to make feedback process as easy and fast for users as possible. Keeping this in view, in the latest Preview Build, change that you will see in the Feedback app feature include automatic suggestion of feedback categories and subcategories, which you can then select to quickly submit feedback regarding Windows features to Microsoft.

Closing Remarks:

All the above mentioned changes in the latest Windows 10 Preview Build 14342 indicate that Microsoft, in its anniversary update, is more keen on improving user experience by mainly focusing on eliminating bugs and introducing fixes rather than bringing something drastically new. This strategy is perfectly aligned with the intention of luring more users to existing Windows 10 without tinkering too much with the aesthetics of the promising OS platform to keep its essence intact.

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